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Resettle In Canada Inc. is an established Immigration and Education company that provides professional services to a diverse clientele, both in Canada and overseas.

Resettle In Canada Inc. Agent Training & Skills Acquisition Session

We have invested significant efforts to put this session together at no cost to the agent. It is the responsibility of the agent to arrive on time and have the available technology in place to enable a clear and uninterrupted session.




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Lilia Iyamabo

As we reach the final phases of these training sessions, we will like to focus on real life situations and opportunities to build a consistent flow of revenue.

We could have taken this journey alone but at Resettle In Canada Inc. we have built a structure that is inclusive of a network of agents, platform partners, and referral partners. Without the efforts of our partners and network, we may never be able to fulfill our goals. I hope you find the discussion presented during this session to be meaningful and interactive enough to guide you in creating a sustainable blueprint.

Please feel free to contribute to the discussions, segments and sub topics.

Thank you once again, and welcome to Resettle In Canada Inc.

Agent Training Manual #5

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Resettle In Canada Inc. Client Acquisition Strategies

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We are in the business of providing solutions to the needs of others. It’s important we project value in our services and ensure we target those who are interested and can afford it. This is much more than just showing interest but reaching a niche audience that will be excited to benefit from our services.

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Lilia Iyamabo

Lilia Iyamabo is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) with an in-depth understanding of the challenges posed to prospective applicants and the level of detail immigration officers look for when assessing applications. This experience has positioned Resettle In Canada with insightful and valuable tools in representing clients on immigration matters. Lilia prides herself as a diligent, articulate professional and an authorized representative by the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Citizenship Act, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and the respective Government Regulations of Canada.







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Resettle In Canada Inc. is an established Immigration and Education company that’s based in Canada. However, we have agents and partners in Canada and overseas.


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