Authorized Experts

Professionals Must Be Active With The Regulators

The Only Authorized Professionals:
  • Canadian Lawyers
  • Immigration Consultants
  • Ontario Paralegals
  • Canadian Notaries

What To Expect From Experts

The immigration rules and government policies are always changing and could be confusing to most applicants. An experienced and qualified professional will be beneficial with handling the immigration applications while providing guidance based on their expertise throughout the process. dreams by guiding you through the process.

Who Is Authorized To Be Paid

Over 50% of those who receive money from applicants to help with their immigration, citizenship and visa applications are doing it illegally. They are not authorized by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC), and other Canadian regulatory bodies.

Patronizing an unlicensed doctor can be harmful to your health

Same way an unlicensed immigration agent may be harmful to you

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Immigration and Citizenship Representatives

Paid Representative

Paid representatives are those who are authorized by Canadian laws to work for a fee while they give advice, fill forms and submit clients immigration or citizenship applications. They also communicate with the Government of Canada on their clients behalf. They can represent clients in an immigration or citizenship application or hearing.

Unpaid Representative

As long as such a representative is doing the work for free, then it may not be illegal. This can be a family member, friend or associate who are not paid for providing such service. When such services or advice is being advertised then that may be violating the rules because such publicity can only be done by those authorized by laws.

Ghost Workers

Ghost workers are unauthorized people who present themselves to be authorized in providing Canada immigration and citizenship services. This could be a travel agency, school, passport office, or a customs and immigration personnel. Some previously authorized immigration consultant may have lost their license and become ghost workers.

Approved Immigration & Citizenship Representatives


Authorized Citizenship And Immigration Professionals That Can Charge The Public A Fee For Service Must Either Be A Canadian Lawyer, Paralegal, Or Registered Immigration Consultant. They Must Belong To One Of These Institutions, And Their License Must Be In Good Standing.

Canadian Lawyers


Ontario Paralegals


Immigration Consultants


Canadian Notaries



1 Law Society of Upper Canada

2 Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council
3 Law Society of British Columbia
4 Law Society of Alberta
5 Law Society of Saskatchewan
6 Law Society of Manitoba
7 Law Society of Upper Canada (Ontario)
8 Barreau du Québec!/search
9 Law Society of New Brunswick
10 Nova Scotia Barristers’ Society
11 Law Society of Prince Edward Island
12 Law Society of Newfoundland and Labrador
13 Law Society of Yukon
14 Law Society of the Northwest Territories
15 Law Society of Nunavut
16 The Canadian Bar Association
17 Chambre des notaires du Québec
18 Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada
19 Canada Border Services Agency


Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada


The link below contains the Council’s Registry of Regulated Immigration Consultants in Canada

Benefits Of Using
Authorized Experts

Knowledgeable & Experienced

Authorized immigration experts have in depth understanding of past and updated rules and programs that can help with visa and to legally immigrating to Canada. They are also well informed and formally educated in immigration law and much more. No dollar amount can be placed upon the knowledge acquired by our experts on a daily basis. These makes them effective and professional at their work.

Legal & Authorized

Qualified immigration experts have lots of experience due to the volume of applications and continuous education imposed by the regulators. They learn through interaction with other experts. They are insured and have the legal backing of the provincial and federal government as the authorized professionals to help the public on immigration matters, both in Canada and abroad.

Liaise With Immigration Canada

Qualified immigration experts have the professional expertise to communicate on behalf of their clients with potential employers, schools, immigration authorities and other institutions. Directly communicating with government agencies and embassies are not always an easy task for members of the public. Using the right terminologies is equally as important.

Strategic Approach

Every applicant ain't the same, they may have a few things in common but the approach and requirement may be very different. It's never a one size fits all. Immigration, citizenship and visa applications if done wrong can have a major impact on the applicant for a long time. Misrepresentation, errors or falsehoods are not acceptable by the respective authorities.

Options & Perspectives

Authorized immigration professionals are obligated to be honest with their clients on their application. They often use their expertise to be creative in how to approach each Canadian immigration stream. Once they better know the background and intent of their clients, its much easier to advice on available options, and best direction to adopt.

Documentation & Papaerwork

Many people believe its Safer and Faster to hire an immigration professional or lawyer who are much savvy and accredited to charge a fee for Canadian Immigration services. The immigration professional will be in a better position to collate and complete every application and documentation on behalf of their client.

core values @
resettle in Canada


Openness and clarity to our clients and customers is very important to our business model and culture at Resettle In Canada Inc. We are in the business of providing solutions for our clients.


Putting the interest of our clients first while respecting the guiding protocols of the industry and regulatory bodies. We work tirelessly to put our clients ahead, and that's important to us.

professional development

We invest into self improvement and get abreast with new rules and guideline in the Canadian immigration industry. We continue to equip ourselves with tools that can only enhance our work outcomes.

We deliver

We deliver more value than expected. We work round the clock to ensure all ends are touched and no stone left un-turned for the good of our clients and their eventual smooth settling down in Canada.

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