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Work With Work Permit

- USMCA (NAFTA) Work Permits -
- Intra-Company Transfers -
- Post-Graduate Work Permit -
- LMIA-based work permit -
- IT Industry Work Permit -
- Business People -

Open Work Permits

- Inland Spousal/Common-Law -
- Sponsorship Open Work Permit -
- Post-Graduation Work Permit -
- Bridging Open Work Permit -
- IRCC Authorized Permits -
- IRCC Open Work Permits -

LMIA-Exempt Work Permits

- Foreign Trade Agreements -
- Quebec Temporary Work Permit -
- Charitable or Religious Work -
- Significant Benefit Work Permit -
- Reciprocal Employment -
- LMIA Exemptions -

Work Without Work Permit #1

- Public Speakers -
- Convention Organizers -
- Clergy / Pastors / Ministers -
- Judges, Referees, and Similar Officials -
- Examiners and Evaluators -
- Expert Witnesses and Investigators -
- Health Care Students -
- Civil Aviation Inspectors -

Work Without Work Permit #2

- Emergency Service Providers -
- Maritime Law Enforcement Officers -
- In-Flight Security Officers -
- Performing Artists -
- Athletes and Team Members -
- Military Personnel -
- Study Permit (On Campus) -
- News Reporters, Media Crews -

Work Without Work Permit #3

- Business Visitors -
- Foreign Reps. and Family -
- Airline Crew and Such -
- Airline / Transportation Crew -
- Foreign Government Officials -
- Aviation Investigators -
- Accident Investigators -
- Implied Status -


Temporary Residence

Over 8 Million Yearly Visitors

Permanent Residence

Over A Million Yearly Applicants

Work In Canada

Temporary Foreign Worker - Where a Canadian employer is unable to find a permanent resident or Canadian citizen to fill temporary labour and skill shortages, the employer can hire a temporary foreign worker.

This can be done through 2 programs:
- - Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP)
- - International Mobility Program

The Temporary Foreign Worker Program requires a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and the employer is responsible for paying the fees. Upon receipt of a positive Labour Market Impact Assessment, the temporary worker can then apply for a work permit. However, there are some LMIA exemptions.

The International Mobility Program on the other hand requires no Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA). A temporary foreign worker applies for a work permit after the employer has submitted the offer of employment. However, the employer must fulfill certain conditions and responsibilities after the arrival of the temporary foreign worker. Failure to do, the employer can be issued a penalty.

Travailleur étranger temporaire - Lorsqu'un employeur canadien n'est pas en mesure de trouver un résident permanent ou un citoyen canadien pour combler des pénuries temporaires de main-d'œuvre et de compétences, l'employeur peut embaucher un travailleur étranger temporaire.

Cela peut se faire via 2 programmes:
- - Programme des travailleurs étrangers temporaires (PTET)
- - Programme de mobilité internationale

Le Programme des travailleurs étrangers temporaires nécessite une évaluation de l'impact sur le marché du travail (EIMT) et l'employeur est responsable du paiement des frais. Dès réception d'une évaluation positive de l'impact sur le marché du travail, le travailleur temporaire peut alors demander un permis de travail. Cependant, il existe des exemptions d'EIMT.

Le programme de mobilité internationale, en revanche, ne nécessite aucune évaluation de l'impact sur le marché du travail (EIMT). Un travailleur étranger temporaire demande un permis de travail après que l'employeur a soumis son offre d'emploi. Cependant, l'employeur doit remplir certaines conditions et responsabilités après l'arrivée du travailleur étranger temporaire. À défaut, l'employeur peut se voir imposer une pénalité.

Business Investor - As an immigrant business investor, you and your immediate family can obtain Canadian Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visas by investing in Canada.

Business Investor - En tant qu’investisseur d’affaires immigrant, vous et votre famille immédiate pouvez obtenir un visa d’immigration canadienne (résident permanent) en investissant au Canada.

Start-Up Visa - This is a program geared towards immigrant entrepreneurs interested in building their business in Canada (with the exception of Quebec). Successful applicants are linked with private sectors organization in Canada who provide them with funding, guidance and expertise on establishing and operating a Canadian business.

Start-Up Visa - Il s’agit d’un programme destiné aux entrepreneurs immigrants intéressés à bâtir leur entreprise au Canada (à l’exception du Québec). Les candidats retenus sont liés à des organisations du secteur privé au Canada qui leur fournissent des fonds, des conseils et une expertise en matière de création et d’exploitation d’une entreprise canadienne.

A working holiday visa is a residence permit allowing visitors to undertake employment in Canada. Its a form of open work permit for travelers. This visa is flexible and provides the opportunity to travel and work in Canada for up to 1 or 2 years. Applicant’s country of origin matters in this case.

Un visa de vacances-travail est un permis de séjour qui permet aux visiteurs d’occuper un emploi au Canada. C’est une forme de permis de travail ouvert pour les voyageurs. Ce visa est flexible et offre la possibilité de voyager et de travailler au Canada pendant un ou deux ans. Le pays d’origine du demandeur est important dans ce cas.

Self-Employed - Under the self-employed program, foreign nationals must demonstrate they have relevant experience in cultural/athletics activities or farming.

Self-Employed - Dans le cadre du programme des travailleurs indépendants, les ressortissants étrangers doivent démontrer qu’ils ont une expérience pertinente dans les activités culturelles / sportives ou l’agriculture.

A permanent resident is a citizen of another country who has been granted permanent resident status by immigrating to Canada. Some of the immigration programs Canada offers include.

Un résident permanent est un citoyen d’un autre pays qui a obtenu le statut de résident permanent en immigrant au Canada. Certains des programmes d’immigration offerts par le Canada comprennent.

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Canada welcomes over 300,000 new immigrants yearly. Choose which is best suited for you, from one of the over 70 different immigration programs available to immigrate or visit Canada.

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At Resettle In Canada Inc., our clients enjoy personalized attention on their application. Our fees and other expected costs are made clear to ensure a smooth and efficient service delivery while maximizing positive outcomes.


Thousands of people knowingly misleads the public by providing Canada immigration services for a fee despite it's unlawful to do such. Some previously licensed immigration consultants also work unauthorized and it's illegal.


Less people get approved by applying themselves compared to those who use an authorized immigration professional. The key reasons for the rejection are poor documentation, misinformation, and incomplete data.


Canada 2019 Figures & Statistics

341,180 Total New Immigrants For The Year

Resettle In Canada Inc. is committed to providing immigration services to prospective immigrants from 170 countries.
The top 10 countries according to IRCC are below. This doesn't include visitors and students.

India - 85,585
China - 30,260
Philippines - 27,815
Nigeria - 12,595
USA - 10,800
Pakistan - 10,790
Syria - 10,120
Eritrea - 7,025
Korea - 6,110
Iran - 6,055

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